My kids are hungry!

As the week passed and the weekend was here in the blink of an eye and as a single mother managing two kids, their studies, and the house chores, I was completely out of energy to cook something for them! One demanded pasta. The other requested roasted chicken! Seriously kids and their demands at the wrong time. A conversation with my friend reminded me how Marley Spoon saved her life and time. My friend gave me a $60 Marley Spoon voucher, and it was convenient for me to use their meal kit plans. The best part of using their platform is you can get discounts after ordering from them.

How does this work you must be thinking?

Very simply, I just visited their website and saw what was on their menu. The promo code voucher gave me more than 300 searches of recipes I could try. Amazing, isn’t it? Somehow, I convinced my kids that I would be making what they want, but right now, let’s try this incredible new dish. I ordered their Cheeseburger Calzones with pickle chips. I was surprised at how easy it is. Marley Spoon tells you everything and also gives you all the ingredients needed to make a delicious and healthy meal for the family.

Cheeseburger Calzones with Pickle Chips

On the website, it was mentioned how much time the meal would take to be prepared. Making a mom’s life so much easier they displayed on the website all the ingredients they will be providing me with and the steps I needed to follow to make the Calzones. On the site, it also tells me the ingredients and utensils I would need to use from home.

All I did was select the mouthwatering dish and added my zip code and email address, next I chose the day I wanted the meal kit delivered and filled out my personal information, and then I just waited for my order to arrive.

Delivery and Packaging miracle!

I was very impressed with how Marley Spoon communicated throughout the whole process until delivery, their delivery was on time, and they did not give me any hassle in finding the address. I must say they are very vigilant with the use of new technology, my order arrived on time, and the gesture from the delivery person was appraisable. The Packaging was top quality; all the ingredients were packed hygienically and were also very fresh. I was very happy to have ordered from Marley Spoon and using their promo voucher accordingly.

My kids were involved in the making process, and they helped me since they were excited to see the outcome. We sincerely enjoyed the whole process from ordering to making the dish. I followed the steps of creating, and it was easy to make and also under my budget.

I would recommend to get your promo code voucher and have these amazing meal kits delivered at least twice a week. Make your life easier and hassle-free by ordering from Marley Spoon and spend more quality time with family.